Faith UMC Newsletter Aug 2016
Faith United Methodist Church has a monthly newsletter (“The Faith Circuit Rider”) available for the congregation in print form on the first Sunday of every month.  It is also available as a PDF, and is now posted on the website. If you would like to receive a copy by email send the editor, Kim Goodin an email.

You can view them online by clicking the links below:


September 2019- Volume 13 Number 9

August 2019- Volume 13 Number 8

July 2019- Volume 13 Number 7

June 2019- Volume 13 Number 6

May 2019- Volume 13 Number 5

 April 2019- Volume 13 Number 4

March 2019- Volume 13 Number 3

February 2019- Volume 13 Number 2

January 2019- Volume 13 Number 1

December 2018 – Volume 12 Number 12

November 2018- Volume 12 Number 11

October 2018- Volume 12 Number 10

September 2018- Volume 12 Number 9

August 2018- Volume 12 Number 8

July 2018-Volume 12 Number 7

June 2018- Volume 12 Number 6

May 2018- Volume 12 Number 5

April 2018- Volume 12 Number 4

March 2018- Volume 12 Number 3

February 2018- Volume 12 Number 2

January 2018- Volume 12 Number 1


Below is our pastor’s article for the October 2019 newsletter:

Fall has officially started. There is now more dark than light each day. The
leaves have begun to change colors and we hope for cooler weather soon. I
have always loved the fall. It is my favorite season. But for nearly 30 years I
have been in Florida and there they only have two seasons, hot and hotter.

The writer of Ecclesiastes proclaims that there is a season for everything! I
am looking forward to the fall season in the Smokies and the splendor of
colors that God will paint on these mountains. There will be cool days to
enjoy and crunchy leaves when I go on my walks. The autumn days hold
great promise. It will be glorious.

There are other kinds of seasons as well. There are seasons in our lives, in
our families and working lives. There are also seasons in our spiritual lives
and in the life of our church. This fall I am waiting with great anticipation
for God’s work amongst us. I know that whatever happens, it will be

Your sister in Christ,
Pastor Sharon