About Us

Map-LocationFaith United Methodist Church had its beginnings in 1940 as Hazelwood Methodist Church and was a project of Harry Denman who was then the Executive Director of the General Board of Evangelism.

Two young ministers from Alabama came to the community and preached everywhere they could to persuade folks to attend services in an abandoned Presbyterian Church. Later, under the leadership of Rev. Odell Brown, the church was chartered and began having Sunday evening services because it was on a charge with a couple of other churches that had morning services.

That first church building for the congregation no longer exists, but it was located near Main Street in Hazelwood, not far from where the Post Office and the Presbyterian Church currently stand.

In 1960, the congregation moved to its current location on Hendrix Street which was very close to the former Dayco plant that used to employ a large percentage of persons in Haywood County.  Dayco moved out of the county and that piece of land is where the WalMart shopping center and a variety of stores are now located.

For most of its history, the church was part of multiple church charges, and shared a pastor with Frances Cove United Methodist Church for many years.

In July 2016, it began ministry as a station church with a part-time pastor.

It is a small membership congregation with a variety of persons that include a variety of backgrounds, education, experience and professions.

We are involved with mission in the community and have always had a heart for those in need.  Our traditional worship is informal and welcoming and encourages participation from the congregation.

We strive to be the best we can be at working with older adults in the community.